How to connect your instagram Profile

Note: Facebook requires each Instagram Business profile to be linked to a working Facebook Page. This simply means that for you to be able to connect your Instagram profile to ContentGenie, you must link your Instagram Business Account to a Facebook Page.

>> How to connect your Instagram business account with your Facebook Page

When you’ve successfully linked your Instagram Business Account to a Facebook Page, then you can freely connect your Instagram to ContentGenie.


Login to get started


Step 1: Click on Connect on the left side of your dashboard


Step 2: Select Instagram and click on Connect Account


Step 3: Click on Continue

Step 4: Click on Edit Settings


Step 5: Select the Instagram Professional account you want to use for ContentGenie and clcik on Next


Step 5: Select the pages you want to use with ContentGenie and click on Next


Step 6: Check what is Contentgenie allowed to do then click on Done


You’ve now successfully linked ContentGenie to your Facebook



Updated on February 7, 2024

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