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How To Use AI Prompt

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how you can use Contentgenie AI Prompt.

Contentgenie AI Prompts are a specialized type of prompt designed to help you generate various forms of content on various niches.

Here’s why ContentGenie AI Prompts Are Important:

1. Overcome Writer’s Block: Hitting a wall staring at a blank page? ContentGenie prompt can jumpstart your creativity and give you a starting point for your next content.

2. Generate Multiple Ideas: Tired of the same old content? ContentGenie Prompts can help you explore different angles, tones, and approaches to your topic, leading to fresh and engaging content.

3. Save Time and Effort: Spending hours researching or crafting an outline? ContentGenie AI prompts help in freeing up your time by offering AI Prompts with fresh perspectives.

4. Experiment with Different Formats: Want to try a new type of content, ContentGenie Prompts can provide the initial structure and inspiration, allowing you to experiment without starting from scratch.

5. Personalize Your Content: Prompts can be tweaked and edited to match your brand voice, target audience, and specific goals, ensuring your content resonates with your intended readers.

How To Use ContentGenie AI Prompt

Step 1: On the editor page click on the AI Icon


Step 2: Click on AI Prompt


Step 3: Select the prompt you want then click on Use Prompt


Step 4: Click on the Continue Icon


Step 5: Select the number of content Variation(s) you want.


Step 6: Good Job. Hit the button below to generate your content.


Step 7: Select your preferred content and click on Add To Editor, copy content, or download content.


And there you have it. Your content added to the editor. You can now proceed to add Images, or videos in your content.

Updated on January 11, 2024

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