How to create content for your Medium Profile

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Step 1: On your dashboard, click on Compose


Step 2: Select Blog & Medium


Welcome to the Blog Editor. Select your Medium account, enter your content, use blog AI to generate content, real-time preview, media library, Voice to content AI.


Step 3: Click the AI writer Icon to generate blog content with AI


Step 4: Enter your Blog Content Title or description


Step 5: Out of content ideas? or need new topics to generate content on? Use ContentGenie’s Prompt generator for content ideas.


Step 6: When done click on Generate Content


Step 7: View, Edit, Re-order Talking Points, then click on Generate Article


Step 8: Your content has been successfully generated.


Step 9: Select your Medium account.


Step 10: Customize and personalize your content by adding images, emoji, text color, etc.


Step 11: Preview your Content by clicking on the Medium Logo icon


Step 12: Enter your Campaign name


Finally: Choose whether to save it as a draft, schedule it for later, or post it immediately.


And that’s it for this tutorial, contact us if you need any assistance.

Updated on January 19, 2024

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